Pest and disease control

We offer disease and pest control services for the common problems occurring in the gardens.

Plants are like the human; they breathe, they grow, and inevitably, they get sick due to bacteria, viruses or pests. Every infection is unique in nature and other factors, such as humidity, temperature, injuries, fertilization, sunlight, ventilation and soil media, are all potential causes of illness. Regardless of the causes, minor cases affect the looks of the plants and serious cases cause death, and failure to control the infection may lead to unstopped epidemic.

Steps to control illness?

[Step] 1: determine the illness (bacteria/virus infection or pest infestation) and cause.

[Step] 2: implement chemical control and remove infected branches.

[Step] 3: observe recovery and prevent recurrence

Common chemical control: chemical pesticide: Chlorpyrifos, Imidacloprid, Oxine-copper,Malathion,Benomyl…etc.

Advantage: quick and effective; a good choice for immediate control.

Disadvantage: more impact on the environment. Bacteria/virus/pests may develop resistance to the chemical; for safety, please use the concentration recommended by the manufacturer and follow the prescribed instructions.


Bio-treatment and plant-based remedies, such as Bacillus Thuringiensis , Pyrethrum cinerariifolium Trev, Rotenone…etc.

Advantages: harmless to the human body. The toxicities of the substances are highly selective; they usually work only on the target pest.

Disadvantages: It takes time for the effect to show and the scope of control is limited (usually pests).


Please consult the Plant Protection Manual published by Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substance Research Institute, Council of Agriculture.



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