Garden Landscape Designing

We have years of experience in garden design and construction. We specialize in customized planning because we believe that plants that suit the climate and soil are the best choices.

Selection of plants requires consideration of an array of factors, including sunlight, wind, humidity, characteristics of soil, elevation, etc. The temperature, elevation and wind strength are different on the plains, hills and coasts. Therefore, different plants should be selected, as wrong choices will cause the plants to grow poorly and even fail to flower. If a long-day plant is planted at a place with insufficient sunlight, the plant will grow weak every day and progress to death in serious cases. Plants that prefer shade may be burned over a period time when exposed to prolonged sunlight. We often see that the grass under big trees grows poorly. This is because a species or variety that requires more sunlight is chosen. Therefore, choosing the right plant for the right place is one of the key factors to the success of greeneries in the garden.



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